#25 Equinology in Petaluma, CA.

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During the time my husband was in the hospital, I was told by our landlord, he had decided to sell his condo we were renting. My husband was released from skilled nursing facility/rehabilitation and one week later his father died. We moved into his parent’s home and he began his recuperation.

He bought me a nice BowFlex machine and occasionally I would have an old client come over and train with me. We had been renting his parent’s home for a year when one day he asked if I’d consider moving to Redding, CA. He told the realtor we didn’t want to look at anything on less than ten acres, because we’d be getting horses. I was in shock!

Like with dogs, I also had a terrible fear of horses. Back while living in Idaho, I traded custom sewing for five week old, runt of the litter, female Doberman puppy, to help get me over my fear of dogs. Now, I wanted an Arabian horse, so I went to school to learn about and be around and touch horses-equine massage school. I studied equine sports massage.

I took riding lessons for a while from a couple of local trainers on their older-more experienced horses. A year later, at 51 years old, I got my first horse. A seven year old full blooded Arabian gelding. I took him for walks regularly. I walked too.

I took several semesters at Shasta College in colt training before entering equine endurance, beginning with twenty-five mile events. I loved it! My horse, not so much. All the commotion kept him agitated. He soon realized I knew practically nothing about horses or riding and he knew I was scared of him!

Lessons learned; I learned horses have a gluteus minimus and a gluteus medius, but-t, they have no gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus is a human specific muscle!

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