#26 Classes at Shasta College

Shasta College    2002

Medical Terminology and Coding

I was studying English and Creative Writing at Shasta College. I had an opportunity to work from home for my sister who was a consultant for hospitals. I needed to study medical terminology and medical coding, so I switched my classes the next semester.

Since my backup horse, BigDog, was still too young to be entered in endurance rides, my husband insisted I get a backup horse for the backup horse. We bought a 4 year old Arabian gelding named Attitude, a half- brother to BigDog. After a semester of colt training and months of conditioning miles, Atty was fit and we started doing twenty-five milers.

What? Was I dreaming? Going to school. Riding my horses! And, in a relationship that keeps getting better with time. My husband was getting healthier and decided to buy himself a brand new Corvette.  It was time for him to get back on the track.

When he raced, I tagged along for the weekend and helped out where I could. Whenever I competed in anything my husband came along to support me. He was there for all three marathons. I tried out for a hit television show called the Gladiators. Even when I did the short bout of wrestling, he was there. And, he always supported my bodybuilding.

We live on ten acres with a beautiful chalet style tri-level home facing our two acre pond with a 25’ fountain, geese, ducks and swans. On the bottom floor of our home is a bathroom, my sewing room and a gym, including a separate room with aerobic equipment and for doing bodywork.

Atty and I moved up to doing fifty mile events. Our first race was up in Oregon at the Rogue River. He finished first and received Best Conditioned horse award. Soon, BigDog and I started doing twenty-five mile events.

Lessons learned; Places that used to be out of reach, like mountain tops, were easy on horseback. I can pretty much do anything I set my mind to!

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