#27 A herd of our own.

BigDog and Dandy     2004

#27 A herd of our own

My husband wanted us to enjoy the experience of seeing the birth of a foal. And so the story goes. At one time we owned seven horses. I took them to colt training classes at thee college and was the first to ride all of my horses, except the first one. I don’t allow anyone else to ride BigDog.

We did one entire season of twenty-five mile rides. I think we were first to finish in every ride we entered. When BigDog was ready we moved up to fifty-mile events. We easily won each ride we entered. He grew to be 16 hands and had an incredible extended trot. He wasn’t herd bound like Atty and my first horse Magnum had been.  In fact, we liked to start out in the front and lead all day! Too bad I have zero sense of direction.

In 2008, at one our first fifties over in the Redwoods, I noticed a couple of gentlemen watching my horse at the vet checks. In fact, they’d come over and ask about his breeding. After the ride they approached me again. They were there at the ride representing the Sheikh of Dubi and were interested in buying my horse. They made an initial offer of $35,000.

When I told them he wasn’t for sale they offered $50,000. They continued to call me and upped the offer to $75,000. My husband paid $2500 for him when he was two years old. I ask them to please stop calling me.

My father was in a nursing home dying and I had just been diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. BigDog is my partner and we take care of each other. He is beautiful, but more important, he has a calm mind. I stay fit too and we are both very competitive. We make a great team!

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