#28 Meeting a Legend

Taken aat a fitness trade show

Vince Gironda, the Iron Guru

I also used to enjoy going to seminars to try to learn from people like Mr Olympia. I recognized Vince Gironda at a seminar and just had to meet him. We looked like a pair, didn’t we? He could have been my father. A few months later I went to southern California where he trained me twice a day for one week.

Back in the days when I read men’s muscle magazines, Vince Gironda was thee guy to follow. He trained everyone big (no pun intended) in LA, for example; Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwartzenegger. He brought symmetry into the sport of bodybuilding. He had this saying I always loved; “Building a mechanically correct body creates an illusion of the hour glass figure”.

Within the first couple of years women started competing in bodybuilding contests, the steroid/drug-type began to appear. Females with square jawlines, over developed muscles, deep voices and other manly features, like facial hair. In two years they grew more mmuscle mass than I’d grown in twenty years! There came a day when I stopped reading muscle magazines. I learned more from reading my functional anatomy books and continuing my education. And, of course, by continuing my quest to train hard, play hard and eat and rest well.

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