Direct Engagement

PT external rotation

  • The PrimalTorque® targets the Gluteus Maximus, a human specific muscle, used for standing us into erect posture.
  • Once vertical, the gluteus maximus secures our low back and stabilizes our hips and knees for locomotion.
  • The PrimalTorque® encourages external rotation.
  • The PrimalTorque® is specifically designed to work the muscles that keep your butt behind you!
  • PrimalTorque® is synonymous with dancing and people love it for the same reasons. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s effective.
  • The Gluteus Maximus provides vital support to the pelvic floor.
  • Both men and women will gain a much improved quality of life, when their issues associated with having a weak gluteus maximus are eliminated.



How It Works

  • The Upper Arms of the PrimalTorque® counterbalance the user’s bodyweight.
  • The Lower Arms have padded knee fittings that open and close, slide and tilt downward at the back end to allow for a deep primal squat.
  • With the Primal Torque® there is no sitting on the muscles you’re working. The more you bend at the hips and knees the more you engage the gluteus maximus! The feet stay planted—plantar flexion (pushing down into the balls of the feet) induces telescoping forces needed for standing back up.
  • The hips and feet stay at ear width. By engaging the gluteus maximus, the hips roll open and the knees are rolled outward-wider than the hips and feet.
  • No matter your height, we all have a standard amount that we open at the knees during external rotation, approximately twenty inches.
  • The Upper Arms of the Primal Torque® can also be used to work the triceps.
  • Built for Users 5 ft to 6.5 ft, 100-300 lbs.