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Q What is the Primal Torque®?

A A machine for exercising the only posterior gluteus muscle as the prime mover.


Q Doesn’t other equipment also exercise the gluteus maximus?

A Most movements exercise the gluteus minimus and medius while using the gluteus maximus as a stabilizer.


Q Isn’t Exercise and Use the same thing?

A No. When muscles are Exercised as prime movers they bend the limbs and/or torso into ninety degree angles. When muscles are used as stabilizers they don’t actually shorten or lengthen.



Q What is the difference in the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and gluteus maximus? Why Do they need to be worked differently?

A The gluteus minimus is the smallest, deepest muscle of the butt. It is a lateral (side) muscle for helping close the knees inward toward the center line of the body; adduction. The gluteus medius is also a lateral muscle which is a little bigger and helps with pulling the legs away from the center line; abduction. The gluteus maximus is a posterior muscle used for hip extension and external rotation of the leg in the hip socket.


Q What is special about the gluteus maximus?

A The gluteus maximus is the only butt muscle that wraps around the outside of the hip and because of this, it rolls the leg bone. It is a human specific muscle, used for standing us into erect posture.

A Once vertical the gluteus maximus secures our low back and stabilizes our hips and knees for locomotion.


Q I have heard that the gluteus maximus may be associated with incontinence and sexual dysfunction, can you explain this?

A The gluteus maximus and levator-ani are opposite muscles which are morphologically and functionally connected.

A The gluteus maximus provides vital support to the pelvic floor.


Q How is the Primal Torque® different than other machines?

A The user isn’t sitting on their butt while working it.

A The user’s feet stay planted underneath them.

A. Primal Torque® allows for a deep primal squat.

A  Primal Torque® encourages hip extension and external rotation.


Q Squats and lunges can be hard on the user’s knees, how is Primal Torque® different?

A Conventional 90 degree squats use a fulcrum and lever method which puts undue stress on the knees and back. The Primal Torque® uses the more natural ‘folding in’ posture of the primal squat which places the knees above the hip line.

A  Bones are laid down in a straight line with gravity.


Q Why do you sometimes stand flat footed and sometimes up on the ball of your feet?

A Because it is important to alternate and use both Static Posture (stretching, yoga, pooping) verses Dynamic Posture (standing up, moving about, dancing).


Q What is a full range of motion?

A By contracting, each muscle as tightly as possible, then allowing the muscle to relax (get longer) so its opposite muscle can be contracted (shortened).


Q What if I can’t squat or get up after squatting?

A The upper arms of the PT counter balances the user’s body weight.


Q What about stretching, should I stretch before or after exercising?

A I believe stretching is way over done and not such a good thing! By definition, an unfit/untoned muscle is a muscle that has become too long.

*Tendons won’t stretch. Ligaments only stretch a small amount when they are forced to do so. And, muscles work like a pulley system. When one side contracts and shortens, the opposite muscle lengthens back to its correct resting length. Muscles get as long as they ever need to be whenever the opposite muscle is contracted as tightly as it can. THIS IS WHY IT IS CRUCIAL TO USE A FULL RANGE OF MOTION DURING EXERCISE!

A  Stretching is a great way to procrastinate doing resistance training!


Q What exactly do you mean when you say ‘high butt’?

A When my clients tell me their low back hurts, I ask them to point to where they hurt. They touch the back upper edge of the crest of their hips, where the gluteus maximus originates.

A  Or, they point to the sacrum on one side or the other, where the gluteus maximus originates.


Q Will the Primal Torque® take the place of doing leg press, lunges or adduction/abduction?

A No! It is important that each muscle exercises as the prime mover and also works in concert with other muscles as stabilizes.